Monday, November 30, 2009

40 percent off quilted Christmas stockings

All the Christmas stockings on my Etsy site are on sale for $15, that's 40 percent off, through Thursday, Dec. 3.

There are 20 stockings available in eight different designs click here to see the selection.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Paper piecing and Christmas presents for a baby

Today was going to be a busy enough day without having to fit in a trip to the doctor for an ear infection.

But since my husband and I are taking an eight-hour flight to Hawaii for our honeymoon one week from today, I need to get on antibiotics now if my suspicions about the pain in my ear are correct.

I'm going to bring my English paper piecing with me to bide my time in the waiting room. I'm trying to get as many pieces basted as possible so I can sew them together on the plane ride.

Then when I get home I need to finish a fabric book and a quilted Christmas stocking for my six-month-old niece. My husband and I are traveling to visit his side of the family tomorrow and I was hoping to give them the early Christmas gifts then.

I have several more Christmas stockings for sale on I'm offering free shipping on Christmas stockings to all U.S. addresses through Cyber Monday.

Are any of you quilting this holiday weekend? Or are you all just decorating the house and shopping?

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