T-shirt quilt prices

24 shirts - Finished size 60.5" by 89.5" (twin-size) - $318.30

20 shirts - Finished size 60.5" by 75" - $267.64

16 shirts - Finished size 60.5" by 60.5" - $223.30

12 shirts - Finished size 46" by 60.5" - $175.88

9 shirts - Finished size 46" by 46" - $141.45

T-shirt quilt prices include a basic solid flannel quilting fabric in the color of your choice for sashing. If you would like a different fabric, such as a team print for a sports quilt, the price will be altered to reflect the price per yard of the fabric.

All T-shirts are cut into 12.5-inch squares with the design in the center and backed with fusible interfacing to prevent stretching. The T-shirt quilt is quilted with diagonal lines with invisible thread on the top and thread matching the backing color on the bottom.

Payment of 30 percent of the total cost is required to begin the project, with the remaining 70 percent due when quilt is completed.

Please e-mail me at
Stephanie.Soebbing@gmail.com with any questions about T-shirt quilt prices and options.

Patriotic T-shirt quilt

Teenage T-shirt quilt

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